Master Plan


Med-TSO is pleased to present the updated Master Plan of Mediterranean Interconnections 2022, an exercise that showcases the collective perspectives of the Mediterranean Transmission System Operators (TSOs) on the grid development until 2030. This edition is the third update of the plan, that has been developed within the TEASIMED project co-funded by the European Commission.
The outcomes of this extensive work reflect the dedicated efforts of the Mediterranean TSOs in providing a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative analysis of numerous interconnection projects. A total of 22 TSOs from 20 member countries have contributed to this exercise, highlighting the collaborative nature of the endeavour.

The comprehensive report addresses various crucial aspects of TSO activities, including infrastructure planning and optimization, market scenarios, grid development, and market integration. These activities play a pivotal role in the construction of integrated and efficient electricity infrastructures, achieved through the shared and optimal utilization of interconnections.

Within the digital report, readers are offered an opportunity to gain insight into the potential development of interconnections in the Mediterranean region, as proposed by Med-TSO. By exploring the report's pages, one can acquire a comprehensive understanding of the 19 interconnection clusters.

Over the years, Med-TSO has made significant strides as a vital technical organization within the Mediterranean region, demonstrating the feasibility of regional multilateral cooperation. Presently, we put forth our proposed perspectives to address the escalating needs and enable the Energy Transition in the Mediterranean while concurrently prioritizing supply security and promoting market integration. This challenge represents a critical task that the region must confront in the years to come.

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