Master Plan

Introduction and Foreword

Med-TSO is delighted to present the Mediterranean Master Plan 2020 of Electricity Interconnection, a deliverable that gathers the views of the Mediterranean TSOs on the development of the grid up to 2030.

The outcomes of the work show the effort of the Mediterranean TSOs for electricity to provide a quantitative and qualitative analysis of a number of interconnection projects; in total 21 TSOs, from 19 countries, have contributed to the process.

This ambitious report covers several aspects of the TSO activity: infrastructure planning and optimization, market scenarios, grid development and market integration. Indeed, all these activities are key for building integrated and efficient electricity infrastructures, through the shared and optimal use of interconnections.

Navigating the pages of this digital report, you have the possibility to get a picture of the potential development of interconnections in the Mediterranean region, as proposed by Med-TSO, having a comprehensive view of 15 interconnection clusters, assessed according to three energy scenarios fully developed by our experts. Indeed, a core element of our scenario building process has been the elaboration of these data directly by Med-TSO. This bottom-up approach has been implemented through the use of supply and demand data collected by the TSOs in tight cooperation with ENTSO-E.Thanks to this digital report, these data and the relevant scenarios are fully navigable in an interactive way.

Med-TSO has made a significant step forward in these years as a key technical organization in the Mediterranean, proving the feasibility of regional multilateral cooperation. Now we propose our views for giving concrete answers to the fast growing needs to enable the Energy Transition in the Mediterranean, while pursuing security of supply and enhancing market integration: this is the challenge that the Region has to face in the coming years.

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