The Scenario Report

The Scenario Report

This section of the digital report is dedicated to the presentation of the Three Energy Scenarios used in the MMP2020, namely: National development, Green Development and Mediterranean Integration.

The MMP2020 scenario report purpose is to present in detail the scenarios built by the Mediterranean TSOs to describe their vision for the evolution of the electricity systems in the Region. It is important to underline that Scenarios are not forecasts, while they set out a range of possible futures used by Med-TSO to test future electricity infrastructure needs and projects, described in the MMP2020. Navigating in these pages you can have the possibility to have a view on the full report, and in particular to explore:
• The methodology and the principles that have jointly been adopted to ensure a general framework, aiming to ensure a technical coherence in the scenarios among the Mediterranean countries and with the neighbouring countries, while at the same time, allowing the expression of specificities associated to each country;
• The drivers, both economic and technical, used in the definition of the scenarios in their building phase;
• A comparison of these scenarios with the previous Mediterranean Project 1 (MP1, carried out in 2015-2018)

Finally, the digital report allows the reader a complete navigation, presented in the Visualization Platform, of the detailed outlook respectively of the consumption, generation and exchanges and the relevant data.

Enjoy the reading and navigation!
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Table of contents
  1. Scope and purpose
  2. Background and methodology
  3. Scenario description and storylines
  4. Electricity demand
  5. Electricity supply
  6. Benchmarking
  7. Use of scenario dataset
  8. Appendix
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